Super Hans comes to Manchester


2015 marked the final series of Channel 4’s cult classic Peep Show, which had been on the air since 2003. However, the show has not completely left the public domain, due to this year’s DJ tour by the show’s breakout character Super Hans, played brilliantly for 12 years by actor and comedian Matt King.

King, in character, has been doing a nationwide tour, which began at last summer’s Leeds Festival and continued into the Autumn, visiting a range of cities up and down the UK. Last night was the turn of Manchester.

Performing in Deansgate’s Gorilla, many people, both fans of the show and music fans alike, came to watch the set. Despite King being predominantly an actor and comedian, the set was well varied, including tracks from local band The Happy Mondays to Michael Jackson’s classic 80s track Thriller.

*Warning-The following video contains strong language

The show has been a huge success nationwide with fans of the show and it has been well received by fans who thought they’d seen the last of Peep Show.

Personally, I believe the tour to be both fresh and very well performed, with King giving a stellar performance and staying true to the character.


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